Sponsors of the Farningham Lifeboat Crew

Cheese Rolling Day.

Those of us with parched gardens were pleased to be greeted with the downpour that heralded the start of the Great Eynesford and Farningham Cheese Rolling Competition but it did mean that conditions underfoot were even more treacherous than usual.

Members of the EFDSS and FLC, along with various supporters, partners etc. gathered at the top of The Goss (previously Death Hill) for an afternoon of sport and high jinks which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Results as follows:

At the post-event inquest meeting the committee put forward various suggestions as to how the event could be improved for next year's race.

The committee wishes to thank all those who helped organise and took part on the day and we look forward to seeing you at the Magistrates Court when I'm sure that any mis-understandings can be ironed out.

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